hidden treasures of the Spirit

February 10, 2010

Three articles below that I was thrilled to find today. Mystic and friend of God, Frances Metcalfe, ministered deep revelations of the end-time Bride to a generation (around 1950’s) unwilling to hear her urgent message. Here are three booklets that will greatly bless your own walk with God.

Making His Praise Glorious Frances Metcalfe

Perfecting Praise Frances Metcalfe

Living the Life of Praise Frances Metcalfe



  1. So grateful for these Frances Metcalfe bookletts, Paul Keith Davis mentioned another book written by her that is out of print but he says it is a treasure to him. Name of the book is “Thru Rapture into Translation” that is how i even heard about her. Anyhow, blessings to you & yours

  2. I have a booklet (2) By Seeley D. Kiney “The Church His Body” You should read it. Similar to Francis Metcalf. (I also have her book (Thru Rapture Into Translation) I am getting someone I know to place them on their site. They already have one of the booklets done. Is there a way I can sendf you the links. Do you have a web site, are you on Facebook?

    • Please let me know how I can get a copy of Thru Rapture Into Translation.
      Thank You

      • Please let me know how to get a copy of Through Rapture into Translation.August 13, 2016

  3. Please send me the link if you ever have that book (Rapture thru translation) posted online! thank you so much

  4. Thanks for these Frances Mecalfe bookletts. i also want to have her book “Thru Rapture Into Translation”. thanks

  5. WHOA! ThAnk you!!!!!

  6. Living the Life of Praise has blessed and challenged me greatly. How can I obtain Frances Metcalfe’s book,”Thru Rapture Into Translation”?
    by Patricia on October 12, 2014

    • there is a series of books edited by James Maloney– purchase a series of books called Ladies of Gold Vols 1-3. It is the published writings including Thru Rapture into Translation.

      • Thank you, Stephen. I wasn’t sure if James Maloney responded to my question about the book by Frances Metcalfe. The way I found your site was a result of watching James Maloney on Sid Roth’s program this week. He spoke of Frances as his spiritual mother and the ministry of praise and prayer that she lived for decades. God seems to be leading me into this more and more. Thank you for your site and your quick reply. I may be sharing some of this at our Global United Prayer Tower this evening. Patricia

  7. Thanks for these Frances Mecalfe bookletts…..Ravi kumar Jakkula

  8. I have the PDF of Rapture thru Translation. Feel free to contact me and I will email it to you or Stephen can post in on his site.

    • I would like you to send a pdf to hoodswamp1@yahoo.com please. thank you so much.

    • Lara, please send pdf to susanscalisi@gmail com. Thank you.

    • LARA, pls send me a copy, miriamgoodman669@gmail.com Thank you very much

    • Hey Lara…

      Please send me the PDF of rapture through translation – many thanks. Michael

    • if this is still available, I would like the pdf of Rapture thru Translation please… terrinar@gmail.com Thank you

    • if you could also send to hanamievents@gmail.com

    • I would like a pdf copy of Rapture thru Translation as well.
      Thanks. mannykung@gmail.com

      • Hi please send to me a copy of Rapture Thru Translation also to lmatte103@hotmail.com
        Thanks so much.

  9. I would like to receive the pdf of Rapture thru Translation, also. I also heard about Sister Metcalfe through Paul Keith Davis and James Maloney’s ISN program with Sid Roth. Thank you for your kindnness.

    Blessings & Courage in Jesus’ name.

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